What we do:
GTO Entertainment is a provider of acoustical products used in churches, studios and industrial applications. We also offer estimation services and installation services.

We serve many different types of customers:
  1. Churches, Conference rooms and studios have unique projects and need help finding the best solution to fix their sound problem within their budget. We have a team of acoustical sales consultants who can help you find the best solution to any sound problem. We have acoustical site survey consultants who are available to come to your site, review the situation and provide product and layout recommendations and provide a quote. Call us at 214-684-2236, explain your situation, and we will gladly assist you.
  2. Architects, designers, and acoustical consultants need technical support. Our website contains the product specifications and technical information they need to specify our products for new construction projects. We are also available to answer questions or provide a budgetary quote when needed.
  3. DIY’ers usually know exactly what they want. If not, there is a lot of valuable information that can provide for them. And the great news is that DIY’ers can purchase everything they need from our on-line store. Just choose the product needed, place it in the cart, and check-out with a credit card. It’s that easy. And if you have questions, we are always ready to help.
What makes us unique?
GTO Entertainment is a company that is built on Hard work, Perseverance, Talent, Honesty, Integrity and Gods Will.

GTO Entertainment was founded by Erick J. Morgan and accomplished musician, songwriter, producer and engineer with contribution to four Grammy’s and a numerous of other awards. The employees at GTO Entertainment are top notch professional in their field. They believe in the Company and the Company believes in them totally.

GTO Entertainment is a company that is at the head of its professional field, by being first and different in the styles and flavors of entertainment and products that we put out on the market for our audience. We leave no stone unturned in doing business. We are respected through our Success, and admired through our Honesty and Integrity. Our Goal is to become the most Successful, Respected Entertainment Company ever, which will be achieved by always keeping GOD first.

To Our Customers:
Our goal is to provide you the best value in the industry so that you become a loyal, long term customer of GTO Entertainment. Our commitment to you is that we will deliver the best solution, the best customer service, at a competitive price.

Erick J. Morgan
GTO Entertainment

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